Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

2nd October 2009

Finally, I've almost completed filing for the end of the last academic year. I feel bad for leaving it so long - not like me at all! You wouldn't think that this box was the culmination of a hard working school year for three kids. I suppose it is only the actual test papers, not the work books (they fill two much larger boxes). All the books are filed away and stored (for posterity) and the tests are sent to the certificate body, in Swindon. Inside this little box are all the usual academic subject tests, such as Math, English etc. and also over two years worth of Spanish results and the culmination of several years work in Music Grade 5 theory as a General Level equivalent. It'd be a little more satisfying if it were a bigger box. Even so, it cost over £8 to send!

In our home (like many, I imagine) we have the institution of a 'blanky'. This has been more of a big deal as the children have grown older. If the evenings are a bit chilly as we sit and read or watch a film the blanky is called for. If you are a little tired and are just lounging, the blanky is required, in fact David and I sat with it over our legs as we watched an episode of Morse last night. Matt has become known as the 'blanky meister' as he seems to have taken the majority ownership, and he does do an excellent 'tuck in'. However, if you are really ill, only the Noddy duvet will suffice. Ever since the children were small, if you were ill and lying on the settee the Noddy duvet would be called in. This practice has continued well into the children's teens. The children aren't often ill, so it's quite an occasion to get the Noddy duvet out of the wardrobe. In recent years it has even been loaned out to friends, adults and children alike.

If the Noddy duvet doesn't get much use, the blanket is in constant demand. Recently it has even found it's way on to the trampoline - the children wanted to be cosy but also wanted to go on the trampoline and chose to combine the two. Needless to say the results were devastating and two holes surprisingly appeared! A family discussion about what to do was necessary - do we patch it up or buy a new one? A new one was out of the question and so, if you look closely at the picture, a little mending is evident. We now think that this is a REAL blanky - the holes have really made it belong!