Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

9th September 2010

Yikes, term time has crashed in upon us and I haven't even scratched the surface of what I'd hoped to achieve. Nevertheless, it's good to get back into routine. I've not got myself anything like as organised as usual, and I think that's because I've suffered unusually with pre-term nerves because Jonti and Em will be starting their A' level equivalents this time, which does feel quite daunting. However, now that term is upon us and we're getting on with it things don't seem quite so ominous. We've a heavy timetable to work through and lots to get done, but the thought is always more effort than the action. It's just a matter of tightening things up into a more workman like manner and being organised.

I've started back to choir for this year and we've a massive performance of Mendelssohn's "Elijah" in a few weeks. I spoke to our conductor, about Em joining us - now she is of school leavers age and aiming to go to University to study music, and he suggested that she jump right in and sing in this next concert with us. It's a mammoth undertaking, with only 5 rehearsals left, and having never sung it before. Ah, well - 'no guts, no glory'!