Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

15th October 2009

The Noddy duvet is back out again. This time it is Matt who is unwell. Like Em was, he's not too poorly but just a bit 'wiped out' - quite nice and cosy really. This is where home schooling is good, as he wouldn't be well enough to go to school but can sit and do a bit. It's at times like this that a bit of English Literature comes in handy. To sit and read, and answer the odd question isn't too much trouble but you are still getting something useful done. When everybody else was out at rehearsal he didn't want to watch a film in the genre of "The Railway Children" so we watched "Rush Hour" instead. Boys, eh!

Choir rehearsal was gruelling this week. I wonder why Oliver keeps turning up! Everything he'd told us last week was promptly ignored and loads of people sing with their music copies right in front of their noses, so they just can't be watching the conductor. It's awful when he signals a stop and people just keep singing. He would say things like, "That first line was good", it was terrifying. I think the point is that he is teaching us to really sing, rather than just lah at the appropriate pitch. Each piece has it's own different character and we need to project this, Faure's Requiem has a really pure and bare tone, as do certain parts of the Verdi Requiem - very scary to sing, you feel so exposed. Parry's I was glad is a much fuller tone, overall, but it's easy to get carried away and make it sound like a 'foaming quart' ditty.

The rehearsal was only short as it was the Ceramic City Choir AGM. It was very interesting and informative - until any further business, groan......