Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

8th October 2009

The role of mum has transformed into the role of nurse in our household, although not in too extreme a measure. Over the last few days Em hasn't been well, not really ill, but just not quite well. Yesterday she was far too woosy to go to rehearsals. It's quite nice when the children are just a little bit ill (which isn't often) as it's an excuse to be cosy; and so last night we sat on the sofa, with a blanket, and watched The Railway Children (the original TV adaptation with Jennifer Agutter, Dinah Sheridan & Bernard Cribbins) - wonderful! No matter how many times I watch or read I ALWAYS cry when Bobby meets her dad at the station and shouts "My daddy!"

This morning David's eye is very painful again. He couldn't open his eyes to begin with and now it's very painful where he scratched it last week, so I was back to handing him his drinks - and the telephone to call the hospital. Back to the hospital again this afternoon. Because we are off to the hospital this afternoon the children have hatched an evil plan to take their schoolwork to Grandma's. I'm not too sure how much schoolwork will get done...

Extra curricular activities for Matt now include Dog walking for a neighbour. Actually, this counts as 'work experience' as he is thinking about being a dog handler in the police force. After several years of home education we're pretty good at labelling anything as educational!