Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

10th February 2010

This is the first 'real winter' that the children have known. Previous years have only offered minimal sledging opportunities but this year we have had prolonged snow - not too good for academic progress, however. This picture of the UK is from Nasa's Terra satellite, taken on the twins birthday. It's such a lovely momento; I've had copies printed for each of the children - I've even scrap booked it! (Only very special things get entered into my Winnie the Pooh scrap book!)

The children have really enjoyed experiencing a 'real winter' with regular flurries of snow, but it is getting a bit wearing - having to keep de-icing the hens water. Ordinarily I would leave the water in the hen house overnight and then it wouldn't matter so much if we were a little tardy in letting them out (in fact some suggest keeping them in to make sure they get a good amount of nutritious pellets before they go scavenging) but it either ices over through the night, or they knock it over! It has been cold enough to ice up during the day too. No excuses now, I'll have to get up (or delegate the task!) to let them out on time and give them fresh water. I suppose it's good for me too.

1st February 2010

We had our annual LEA inspection today. It's always a highlight! It acts as a sort of validation for our year's efforts - so very different from the sense of OFSTED. It's strange to think that this was the last official visit for the twins as they will have completed their compulsory education this summer. I did ask if I needed to lock them away next year, when they come to look at just Matt's work.

In reality we all sit chatting, drinking coffee and eating biscuits - so I guess the twins can join in really. I suppose it would be a different scenario if we hadn't done any work. I guess we'd see the sterner face of the LEA. I know there is a lot of fuss from some who disagree with an inspection - I disagree! We are pleased with the work that we've done and welcome an external witness. The LEA are so encouraging. Our inspector took away an article that was written about us and our hens - our girls (the hens) are famous!