Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

30th June 2010

The children gave their hair an extra brush (or at least a brush) tonight as the City Youth Wind Orchestra were having a group photo taken at rehearsal tonight. What a lovely surprise to find that it was their Uncle who was the photographer. As such we got a few ad-hoc extra photo sittings; individual shots with their instruments, a pic of all three children with their instruments (Jonti had his jazz brushes) and Jonti also got a lovely pic with his girlfriend. I'm looking forward to seeing the proofs.

I remember when the children were in school, I never could remember when the class photos were to be taken. Consequently all the pictures of the kids were very 'authentic'. Em's fringe was always frizzled and the boys were stereotypically 'boyish'. I was always amazed how some mums could arrange being on hand to brush their child's hair just before the shot. I wondered if they would manage if they had three children in three different infant classes - I never could! On reflection I'm glad - at least the photos actually represent the children as they were, not a sterile and emotionless representation. Em, at 16, still shows considerable reluctance to use a brush (just like her mother) - you just make use of the 'grunge' fashion and it works quite well!

28th June 2010

It's that familiar end of year/summer concert madness time of year again. Pretty nearly every night of this next two weeks is taken up with some concert or other. There's a good variety of themes - Folk music, Percussion & Samba, Concert Wind Band, Choral etc.. In addition to all of this there is a day trip to the Birmingham Music Festival, Exams and trying to get the twins General Level school work tied up and finished. Not to mention the ubiquitous filing. It all becomes very expensive, too. The children's music concert tickets are very reasonably priced, but it all adds up. It's all for a good cause though - the local City Music service. It'll soon be the summer hols, phew.

June 8th 2010

BREAKING NEWS... CHARITY CHICKEN IS DEAD!!! We knew she was 'the runt' and bottom of the pecking order, it seems that the other hens knew she wasn't up to scratch (pardon the pun). Poor Em went to let the hens out and found Charity on the floor, eyes closed and her legs akimbo. At first I thought that the other hens might have killed her, but there was no blood and no feathers about the place - she had died in her sleep. I'm quite relieved as I really didn't know what to do with her. She was eating plenty - so I thought she must be all right, but she didn't scratch around or show much joy of living. We have only five hens now :(


Alas! Poor Charity, her life was a blight.
She struggled each day -
Tho' she could eat all right!
Her companions, they pecked
Her life span was checked
And she died in her sleep in the night.


The life of this hen is a sadly affair -
Domestic bliss tinged with disparity.
Her scratching around had a listless affair.
The Protagonist? Her name was Charity.


Charity is dead!
Yes, that's what I said.
Her life is stricken -
She's a very dead chick'n!

Finally, a concerned outsider wrote:

There once was a chicken named Charity
Whose demise was the cause of hilarity.
To her owner's dismay they threw her away,
Which she thought was the height of barbarity.