Marooned in the Modern World

In conjunction with my book "Swiss Family Suburban" this blog is from my diary; the diary of a wife and mum in a world where neither is valued highly. Beth Bill.

29th November 2010

I think I'm finally getting into a routine of dealing with the hens with the minimum of fuss. Last year was our first winter with the hens and I found it rather unpleasant to be running frozen drinkers under the tap each morning and having to run up and down the garden (up two sets of steps in the ice) replenishing stock. Now I probably should have thought of this earlier, but I've discovered that that hens don't need a drink whilst they are asleep, so I can bring the water in overnight and then take it back again in the morning! If I bring a tub of pellets in during the evening then they will also be ready to take at the same time! The result is that I (or whoever gets the job!!) only have to go down the garden once and the water is ready and waiting - instead of freezing our fingers with shards of ice! The only drawback is that the ice that formed inside the drinker was really pretty - feathery patterns up the side of the plastic and great, sharp shards of ice in the body of the water. Ah well, we can't have it all!

28th November 2010

Well, here comes the tidal wave! Em's Grade 7 piano date is through, we've had concerts (ranging from Symphony Orchestra to Scottish Cayleigh's) every night this week. I've still had pupils and David is getting busy with the pre-Christmas shoppers. It's all good stuff, just no time inbetween to enjoy it. The chip shop knows us well enough by now, the slow cooker gets the odd stew out (when I've time to peel veg) and the ironing pile is learning to wait. I've just got to learn to take it in my stride. The blessing is that, as everything really has come at once, we should settle down again quite quickly. I hope so!!!!

12th November 2010

I know that the timetable has been hotting up since the start of term, but I know life's going to get a whole lot busier. In previous years I've got into quite a state as, since exams are looming and concert season really hots up, the house gets messier and our diet gets worse. You'd think that if we were out of the house more the place would stay tidier, but as we 'drop and go' you begin to lose the carpet. Also, as we dash more and more frequently, and as the time we have here gets prioritised we tend to grab a bite when we can and then call at the local chippy on the way home at 10 o'clock at night.

I'm trying to make myself remember that it's only for a short while, the ironing pile will keep, surface clutter doesn't matter for a bit and chips is ok for a period of time (preferably not every night - though the kids would disagree).